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Taki tekst pojawił się w internecie.Earth is about to fill with Cadavers: 66.6% of world population to be removed

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 17 czerwca 2012


For Immediate Worldwide Distribution: June 15, 2012


Earth is about to fill with Cadavers: 66.6% of world population to be removed

HOUSTON, TEXAS – 15/06/12 – The Government of God on Earth alerts the media worldwide about the warning made by Jose L. De Jesus (The Man Christ Jesus-666-) The Earth is about to fill with corpses: 66.6% of the population will be removed.

In his weekly Tracing, The Man Christ Jesus, through his Bishop Rafael Encarnacion, presented irrefutable evidence of how two-thirds (66.6%) of the world population, which represents approximately 4.6 billion inhabitants, will be eliminated from the planet any day now; as a result of not subjecting themselves to the truth of the Gospel. (English Audio: http://jh.to/audio or Video in Spanish:http://jh.to/cadaveres)

This historic conference was broadcast live and seen in 103 Nations this past Wednesday, through the powerful communication network of the Man Christ Jesus, TeleGracia and NetGracia Radio.

There are only 15 days or less left before the Transformation of the Man Christ Jesus into an immortal body of fire, to govern the Earth. The Great Day is fast approaching. The time has come whereby God will judge the Nations (Psalm 110:6).

It is inevitable; the prophecies are fulfilling. The Vatican will burn down and all religions will be destroyed forever.

The nations were witness to this public declaration: all so-called pastors, priests, or any other religious leader, are dogs with a collar (see video: min. 22:21). Theologians? They are dogs also. In fact, any theologian is challenged to discuss this doctrine. They do not dare, nor can they do so, because they have no biblical basis to discuss the Gospel. They should not be be called ‚shepherds’, ‘pastors’ or ‘priests’ – they are dogs, as there is only ONE Pastor: The Man Christ Jesus, the Great Shepherd of the sheep.

This release is being sent today to the worldwide media as God has spoken.

For more information, visit: http://www.cegenglish.com


The Government of God on Earth was established by the Lord Himself in His Second Coming, Jose Luis De Jesus (The Man Christ Jesus). Established in 1986, His government now expands into 30 nations with 369 centers, 85 TV programs, 85 radio programs, and a proprietary 24/7 virtual radio, NETGRACIA. It is written that ‚All Eyes Shall See’ and thus, His image can be seen globally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through His channel TELEGRACIA. The Man Christ Jesus addresses the nations in a weekly Tracing available in 7 languages, transmitted live Wednesdays 8:00 p.m. ET and Sundays 5:00 p.m. ET. Visit: http://www.cegenglish.com.


North America:

Axel Cooley

Tel: (305) 433-6966


Central America:

Jeannette Brennes

Tel: (506) 8335-3666



Darlene Zayas

Tel: (787) 432-5134


South America:

Marielys Bravo

Tel. +58 (0424) 541-2390



Liliana Moreno


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