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The fear of God seems to compel even Samael the Great.

Posted by zenobiusz w dniu 5 lipca 2012

Alien or not, I would like to add the following story. I agree it is a bit vague, but still it says a lot. A woman in Santa Fé in 1980 drove a tractor across a field with her young son sitting beside her, when she saw a UFO coming down that she was forced to board. When she was told that she had to undergo „gynecological  examinations”, she began to loudly chant the names of God as a mantra, with resulted in the examination being cancelled and the woman brought Home immediately.  The fear of God seems to compel even Samael the Great.


Samael (Sammael, Çamael, Semiel or Samiel) is not mentioned in the Bible, but all the more in Haggada and Rabbinic literature. Samael is often held to be SatanHimself and/or the angel of death. The name Samael is thought to be a combination of „sam” for poison and „el” for god; the poison of God, which actually sounds rather blasphemous.     

It is also said that Samael was the king of an ancient kingdom of Sama (???) and even, that he was the same as Enkiwho together with Lillith revealed secrets to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. An equally twisted line of thoughts goes around in secret societies about Jesus, as if Jesus appeared as the satan to Adam and Eve in the garden of Paradise and the satan is not our enemy, no, he is in fact trying to help us. This, however wouldn’t be very consistent with all the evil deeds ascribed to Samael, like sawing Gods prophets in half.

It was because of these visions and prophecies that the satan Sammael sawed the prophet Isaiah, son of Amoz in two, using Manasseh as his agent. Asc of Isaiah 11;41

Since „sami” means blind in Hebrew, his name is often explained as „the blind god” and because of this he is sometimes called „sar Suma”; the blind Prince, who does not look at the pious one.  As a god of the blind he sometimes is equated with Symyael, the Mandean demon in charge of blindness, but that would degrade him to a mere demon instead of a ruling Prince of devils. Plus, in the stories about him, he doesn’t appear to be so blind. In Arabic Sama means „wind”, which would make him a wind god, which could be a possibility, were it not that it is a girls name. 

The origin of the name Samael might be found in the Book of the giants, (Al Ghadanfar; (Qumran fragment (o) in Arabic), and the Kawan described to Mani of Babylon (Mesopotamia) where Shemiaza (the one called Aza) has two sons called Ohya and Hahya, also called Hiwa and Hahya, which are the letters of the Tetragrammaton in reverse.  These were giants, sons of the fallen angel Shemiaza, begotten by a mortal woman.

  • To Shamizad (Shemiaza) two sons were born by….  

  • One of them he called Ohya, and a second son was born that he called Hahya. 

  • Al Ghadanfar; (Qumran fragment (o) in Arabic)

  • .

    These two are also mentioned in the Qumran Book of Giants where they ask Enoch to explain a dream they had.   


  • Then said Ohya to Hahya his brother…He then did not punish us but Azazel.

  • 4QEnGiants ar = 4Q203 fragm. 7 col. 1  

  • .

    Sogdian is an old language spoken north of Bactria where Zoroaster came from and where the Brahmin tribes of Abraham lived for a while before moving on to India. In Sogdian, Ohya is called Sahm the giant, Hahya is called Pat Sahm.  The giants Ohya and Hahya; Sahm and Pat Sahm; were drowned in the Flood along with all the other offspring of the fallen watchers and their souls became the evil spirits that roam the earth; demons.


    The giants, who have been born of spirit and of flesh, shall be called evil spirits upon earth, and on earth shall be their habitation. And the evil spirits came out of their flesh, because they were created from the supermondane; from the holy Watchers was their beginning and primary foundation. Evil spirits shall they be upon earth, and the spirits of the wicked shall they be called. The habitation of the spirits of heaven shall be in heaven; but upon earth shall be the habitation of terrestrial (earthbound) spirits, who are born on Earth. 1Enoch 15;8


    Al Ghadanfar; (Kawan) of Mani of Babylon, contains several (very fragmentary) stories about these prehistoric giants like Sam and Nariman (Pat Sam) (Ref. Qumr. and apoc. Studies on the Aramaic texts from Qumran.  F. C. Martinez) 

    Sam must have lived on in folklore and grew into a god; Sam-i-el,

    or; Samael, the god Sam.  




    Though said to be born from a mortal woman, the Visions of Amram picture him as a serpent.


    „I saw Watchers in my vision, the dream-vision. Two men were fighting over me … holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‚Who are you, that you are thus empowered over me?’ They answered, ‚We have been empowered and rule over all mankind.’ They said to me, ‚Which of us do you choose to rule you?’ I raised my eyes and looked. One of them was terrifying in his appearance, like a serpenthis cloak, many-colored yet very dark. … And I looked again, and in his appearance, his visage like a (viper). … I replied to him, ‚This Watcher, who is he?’ He answered, ‚This Watcher … his three names are Belijal and Prince of Darkness and Melchiresha.’  (king of Evil) I said (to the other Watcher), ‚My lord, what dominion (have you?)’ He answered, ‚You saw (the viper), and he is empowered over all Darkness, while I (am empowered over all Light.) … My three names are Michael, Prince of Light and Melchisedek.” 4Q (visions of) Amram fragm 1 

    … an other Qumran fragment;

    „I saw Watchers in my vision, the dream-vision. Two (men) were fighting over me, saying…and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, ‚Who are you, that you are thus empo[wered over me?’ They answered me, ‚We] [have been em]powered and rule over all mankind’. They said to me, ‚Which of us do yo[u choose to rule (you)?’ I raised my eyes and looked.] [One] of them was terri]fying in his appearance, [like a s]erpent, [his] cl[oa]k many-colored yet very dark…[And I looked again], and…in his appearance, his visage like a viper, and [wearing…] [exceedingly, and all his eyes…]” „[I replied to him,] ‚This [Watcher,] so is he?’ He answered me, ‚This Wa[tcher…] [and his three names are Belial and Prince of Darkness] and King of Evil.'” – „Testament of Amram” (4Q535, Manuscript B)


    Melchiresha, or Malchira, the angel of evil, (bringer of evil) is a well known title for Samael,

    And Sammael Malchira (king of evil) will serve Manasseh, and execute all his desire, and he (Manasseh) will become a follower of Beliar rather than of me:  And many in Jerusalem and in Judea he will cause to abandon the true faith, and Beliar will dwell in Manasseh, and by his hands I shall be sawn asunder.’ Asc. of Isaiah 1;8

    who looked like a viper, an actual serpent.  According to the Bible, it was a serpent that approached Eve;

    Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, Is it so that God has said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden? Ge 3:1 

    This serpent Samael, however, was controlled by Satan.  And Satan; the rider on the serpent is called Azazel in the Zohar


    They are the rider on the serpent and the serpent, which is the secret of the male and female. This is the secret of Azazel, which includes the male and female of defilement.  Zohar; Vayeze 116. 

    … which may be a similar kind of exaggeration.

    The Serpent again is mentioned in the Acts of Thomas.


    The apostle questioned him, saying; tell me of what seed and of what race you are. And he said to him; I am a reptile of reptile nature, the baleful son of a baleful father; I am son of him who hurts and smote the four standing brothers; I am son of him who sits upon the throne and has power over the creation which is under Heaven, who takes his own from those who borrow; I am son of him who girds the sphere about; and I am a kinsman of him who is outside the ocean, whose tail is set in his own mouth; (Leviathan) I am he who entered through the fence into Paradise and said to Eve all the things my father charged me to say to her… Acts of Thomas; concerning the serpent.


    In the Haggadah, it is made clear that the serpent was not merely a snake, but a conscious being with knowledge of God;


    Among the animals the serpent was notable. Of all of them he had the most excellent qualities, in some of which he resembled man. Like man he stood upright upon two feet, and in height he was equal to the camel. Had it not been for the fall of man, which brought misfortune to them too, one pair of serpents would have sufficed to perform all the work man has to do and besides, they would have supplied him with silver, gold, gems, and pearls. As a matter of fact, it was the very ability of the serpent that led to the ruin of man and his own ruin. His superior mental gifts caused him to become an infidel.It likewise explains his envy of man, especially of his conjugal relations. Envy made him meditate ways and means of bringing about the death of Adam. Haggadah


    These stories could go back a lot further than often is presumed; they could very well deal with the upcoming and descend of a race of reptile „humanoids” that ruled the Earth long before man, which gives us a lead to the reason for his grudge against man;  


    WARNING!!!   WARNING!!!                         It is getting really, really weird now, man!

    The demons were created long before man was here. They ruled and inhabited the Earth and the seas. They were obedient and did God’s will, but the day came that wickedness and evil deeds increased among the demons and when the Earth was filled with the wickedness of the demons God decided to end the reign of the demons. He sent host of angels to earth that waged a terrible war against them and expelled them from earth. Many of the demons were taken hostage and among them was Samael their leader who still was young and couldn’t distinguish good from bad. But he learned the ways of the angels that had spread around the world and gained great wisdom and even became their leader. The reign of the angels also came to an end because God decided to create man to inhabit and rule over the Earth. The angels that lived on earth refused to leave. They lived here in comfort and said to God; You want to place Man here, who one day will commit great evil and follow the footsteps of the demons, the children of Satan. Do we not praise you every day in the upper and underworld? But God did his will and created man.  Kalonymos ben Kalonimos, Iggeret baale Hayyim. (See also; Adam and Eve)

    Since angels mostly appear as radiant men; humans, plus the fact that the fallen angel Azazel taught women to use make-up, we may assume that they looked like us. Angels descended to Earth and succesfully drove away the serpent demons. These angels then lived on Earth for some time, before God decided to proceed with his plan, and create man to inhabit and rule over the Earth. He clearly intended the demons to be replaced by man and not by the angels.  


    Now, the demons were driven away from Earth. If they were capable of escaping from Earth to some other place, be it an other dimension or an other planet, they must have had a very high level of science indeed.

    Samael is known to fly through the air like a bird;


    The path of the Tree of Life which Samael, who flies like a bird, did not know.

    Paraphrase of Job, 28;;7


    „In the Rabbinical book it sayeth; The dogs howl when, with icy breath, Great Samael, the Angel of Death, takes through the town his flight.” 

    The Golden Legend, Longfellow 


    Not only the sky he flies through, but also the firmament.


    And we ascended to the firmament, I and he, and there I saw Samael and his hosts, and there was great fighting therein and the angels of Satan were envying one another. And as above so on the earth also; for the likeness of that which is in the firmament is here on the earth.  Ascension of Isaiah 7;9


    Through Space he flies with an icy breath. In Gematria, Samael is the numerical equivalent of the Hebrew word „ophan” which means „wheel” and is the name of a certain kind of angel, a „creature” really, not a humanlike angel.  It brings up associations with UFOs.

    This high level of demon civilization might have been caused by angels who came to earth long before that to alter an existing race of beings to their purposes.


    The giants were at work for many thousands of years before the first god appeared en entered their world. He took one of the daughters of the giants as a wife and begot sons who helped him to unlock new areas of the world tree (the cosmos)Norwegian mythology


    Deep in the cosmos other races were „modified” to assist in this cause.


    In the middle of the world tree small elves and dwarfs had arisen.  They were given reason by the sons of the gods and were educated to be zealous workers. Norwegian mythology  

    Samael too began his career one of those races, only here on Earth.  


    Adam stands for mankind in the same way that Samael represent another race;

    the serpent; a race or nation of reptile like humanoids; demons that ruled the Earth before man did. 

    As an evil force, Samael became equated with Satan; Azael, (or Uzziel) who because of the resemblance of his name was given the appearance of a goat; „Ez” in Hebrew.

    The Dinosaurs, which explains the word giant.


     They will conceive giants on Earth, not of the mind but of the flesh. 1Enoch 106;17


    There were giants (Nephilim; fallen ones) on the earth in those days. Ge 6:4


    Since the devil is supposed to have a pointy tail, I took the liberty of adding one…

    and their offspring;


    In punishment for tempting Eve, God said; I created you to be king over all the animals…but you were not satisfied….I created you of upright posture…therefore you shall go upon your belly. Haggadah.


    Indeed the snakes, a remains of the Dinosaurs go on their bellies, while perhaps an other part of the Dinosaurs that hasn’t been cursed has developed into modern birds.


    Samael; the remains of his race, still masses with the development of Adam, the human race and shows special interest in our reproductive organs, creating hybrids and „separating our bioplasmic bodies from our physical bodies”, in other words, they try to separate our souls from our bodies replacing them with their own souls.

    It seems that they are looking for suitable bodies to live in.


    Shall I inform you, on whom it is that the satans descend?

    They descend on every lying, wicked person.  Koran, the poets 26; 221

    Yet when the demonic finally revealed itself in the exorcism of this other patient, it was with a still more ghastly expression. The patient suddenly resembled a writhing snake of great strength, viciously attempting to bite the team members. More frightening than the writhing body, however, was the face. The eyes were hooded with lazy reptilian torpor – except when the reptile darted out in attack, at which moment the eyes would open wide with blazing hatred. Despite these frequent darting moments, what upset me the most was the extraordinary sense of a fifty-million-year-old heaviness I received from this serpentine being. It caused me to despair of the success of the exorcismM. Scott Peck, M.D. People of the Lie, p. 196

    He is not sent by God, but is an angel of death nevertheless.

    Samael is a leading satan; a Demon but he is not THE Satan.

    It is a Serpent that deceived Eve in Paradise;Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made. And he said to the woman, Is it so that God has said, You shall not eat of every tree of the garden? … And the serpent said to the woman, You shall not surely die. … And the woman said, The serpent deceived me, and I ate. Gen 3;1

    But it is the Satan who told him what to do;

    And the devil spake to the serpent saying, Rise up, come to me and I will tell thee a word whereby thou mayst have profit.’ And he arose and came to him. And the devil saith to him: ’I hear that thou art wiser than all the beasts, and I have come to counsel thee. Why dost thou ’eat’ of Adam’s tares and not of paradise? Rise up and we will cause him to be cast out of paradise, even as we were cast out through him.’ The serpent saith to him, ’I fear lest the Lord be wrath with me.’ The devil saith to him: ’Fear not, only be my vessel and I will speak through thy mouth words to deceive him.’ Apocalypse of Moses: chapter 16


    It is Satan who rode the Serpent, and the Serpent was Samael.

    According to the third book of Enoch, Samael is not Satan himself, he is though the prince of the accusers, the evil demons that out of jealousy towards mankind are trying to discredit the humans and want them to fail in the eyes of God;


    Every day Satan sits with Samma’el, Prince of Rome, and with Dubbi’el, Prince of Persia, 

    and they write down the sins of Israel on tablets…

    3Enoch 26;12

    From before Man appeared on Earth, Samael, representing a race that reaching a very high level of civilization, and being called an Archangel of God for doing his will, in the end fell from his high position into a level of demonic existence due to being blinded by his own knowledge; science, which made him loose faith in God. This resulted in a violation of Nature and a spreading of wickedness across the earth, (rings a bell?) which made God decide to induce his angels the „Sons of God” the benei Elohim to expel him from earth. Samael may very well be the fallen demon or satan that is mentioned in Enoch 2, that is said to be moving around in space without a fixed place to dwell.

    But one from the order of the archangels deviated, together with the division that was under his authority. He thought up the impossible idea, that he might place his throne higher than the clouds which are above the earth, and that he might become equal to my power. And I hurled him down from the height, together with his angels. And he was flying around in the air, ceaselessly, above the bottomless. 2Enoch29;4

    If all this is true, then, same as the Elves, dwarves and what have you, Samael, though powerful, became a helper of (former) Benei Elohim like ShemiAza and Azazel or Zeus; „sons”, descendents or races of gods but soon became their leader. These gods were the stars and planets, (and their inhabitants) that indeed were worshipped like gods in these days. Some members of those races apparently descended to Earth even long before man was created. Names of stars and constellations do point inthat direction. Algol, a variable star in the constellation Perseus, is derived from the Arabic al-ghul; „the Demon,”. Then there is Ophiuchus; (snake bearer), Serpens; (snake), Draco; (dragon), Hydra (nine headed dragon) Rasalhague is Ra’s al-Hawwa’; Head of the snake-man.Arcturus  is Greek for „guardian of the bear.” from arktos „bear,” the Bear being a northerly constellation and ouros „watcher”. Vega (a Lyrae) is Arabic for „the falling one”; Al waqi, or actually; An Nasr al Waqi; the falling Eagle, or actually; the falling Prince. Vega formerly was calleTir-anna, „Life of Heaven” (Akkadian) and Messenger of Light (Babylonian). Samael as well as these descended angels; the Benei Elohim, physical beings that they were, were subject to the evil inclination; the yetzer ha Ra the three gunas or the animal urges inherent to the animal soul; Enlil. Satan; Enlil therefore is called the rider on the serpent and Samael is the serpent. Samael was a physical race of Dinosaurs; „Reptoids” that ruled the Earth before we did, that was defeated and chased away by an Alien Race, regained his strength, saw Man rise to rule their Earth … and wants it back.

    Samael is the Devil incarnate.

    Samael sometimes is pictured as a red-haired man; a warrior, but his reptile features clearly go against that. In fact, the red-haired men may have more to do with the host of angels that was sent by God to defeat Samael, who at that particular point in time still was a relatively unimportant figure. Samael may surely be called the Devil in physical form and would be a good candidate for the lizard men that often occur in alien sightings. He seems to have two sides though; the (more) material side of „Aliens”, whether from space or from earth (the Moon seems to have been their basis), flying around in UFO’s meddling with our genes and up to whatever scheme they are up to, and the immaterial side of evil spirits or demons, often fully possessing human souls, leading them astray, persuading them to commit evil (the devil made me do it), working out their schemes against us or simply harassing them, inflicting emotional stress on them, suicidal tendencies, in short; all kinds of negative energies on which they seem to feed.

    And behold, from that time until the present day, he and all his hosts have been stripped of their apparel, and they go naked and have horrible faces.  Cave of Treasures 1

    Alien or not, I would like to add the following story. I agree it is a bit vague, but still it says a lot. A woman in Santa Fé in 1980 drove a tractor across a field with her young son sitting beside her, when she saw a UFO coming down that she was forced to board. When she was told that she had to undergo „gynecological  examinations”, she began to loudly chant the names of God as a mantra, with resulted in the examination being cancelled and the woman brought Home immediately.  The fear of God seems to compel even Samael the Great.


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